New Crêpe menu added to the list!

We are pleased to introduce our latest menu: La Crêperie at Restaurant Provence! These elegant, inventive crêpes will elevate your lunch and brunch experience to new heights. Our nine savory crêpes, influenced by worldwide cuisine, feature a wide array of ingredients, from apples to asparagus, from lamb to lobster! Our five sweet crêpes cover a wide spectrum, from the traditional Crêpe Suzette (orange suprêmes flambéed with Grand Marnier) to our inventive Crêpe Carrboro (poached pears and almond paste).


Traditionally, a crêpe isn’t quite a crêpe unless it’s served with a glass of cider. To accompany these creative dishes, we’re now offering our two hard organic ciders by the glass! The apple cider has a complex sweetness from 19 apple varieties, while the pear cider is more crisp with intense flavors from wild heirloom pears.


This new menu is available starting November 10 in addition to our current lunch and brunch menus. We hope you’ll be one of the first to try these amazing dishes!