Port served as an aperitif!

I love Port! Port is served in France as an aperitif at the beginning of the meal with a few ice cubes. It is so refreshing! Try it today!

Port is a "fortified wine." Fermentation is stopped by adding brandy. This makes the alcohol content quite high: 19% to 20%. There are several different kind of ports. Ruby Port, bottled young, has a cherry taste. Tawny Port, aged in wood for at least 5 years, has more of a nutty taste. At Provence, we carry also a 10 year old "Presidential" Port. This brand is, in my opinion, the best found in our area. Some vintage Ports are also produced in great years and can age for...forever.

Because Port is so sweet, it's also great with dessert, especially chocolate.

A great way to start or end your meal!


Pierre, sommelier